Indoor Air Quality

Homeowners and business owners are increasingly concerned with indoor air quality. Ensuring a clean, pure environment is seen as an important step in promoting health and preventing the spread of disease. As a result, licensed HVAC contractors are fielding more and more requests to install state-of-the-art air purifiers, filters, and even UV light systems.

Hidalgo Air Distributors is pleased to provide a full range of products for HVAC contractors in Southwest Florida. We are known for our friendly service, for our wide selection, and for providing options to fit any budget. Contact us whenever you would like to learn more about products to promote indoor air quality.

Our Products

Our mission is to help HVAC contractors keep up with the demand for air quality solutions. We are pleased to provide a rich assortment of products from industry-leading brands, including:

UV Lights

UV lights provide an elegant way to mediate mold and bacteria surrounding an air conditioning unit or a furnace.


In areas where the air is a bit dry, humidifiers can add moisture to the air, potentially raising comfort and air quality.


In buildings where moisture and mold are concerns, a dehumidifier may be the best way to promote indoor air quality.

Other Air Cleaners

Hidalgo Air Distributors is also happy to offer filters and purifiers of all kinds. Ask us about the options for promoting indoor air quality.

Why Choose Hidalgo Air Distributors?

Our company is one of the leading HVAC distributors in the Southwest Florida area. There are a number of reasons why contractors choose Hidalgo:

The Best Prices

We understand that contractors are always looking to keep projects within budget. We’re happy to help, providing indoor air quality solutions that fall within any price range.

The Best Products 

We’re pleased to offer products from industry-leading brands, including UV lights from Fresh-Aire.

The Best Service

For orders of $500 or more, we are pleased to provide on-site delivery. We’ll ensure you get your equipment and supplies when you need them.

Learn More About Indoor Air Solutions

Promoting indoor air quality is an increasingly big focus in the HVAC world. We’re here to play our part. Hidalgo Air Distributors provides indoor air quality solutions to contractors throughout Southwest Florida, with top-notch selections and prices that can’t be beat. We’d love to learn more about your indoor air quality needs. Contact Hidalgo Air Distributors at your next convenience.